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image_377Green Table Australia is an education and certification program that supports and recognises Australian restaurants, cafes and catering businesses that are doing what they can to reduce their impact on the environment.  To become Green Table accredited businesses need to meet certain minimum criteria.
Download the application form Green Table Application Form
For more useful information and case studies to help you implement your sustainable business practices please see the attached magazine Green Table Program Brochure
New Initiative supporting Sustainable Practices
Restaurant & Catering Australia is currently working with the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) ClimateSmart Business Association Program, to develop a Sustainability Program that will enable Queensland members to incorporate sustainable best practice into their core business.  R&CA will utilise the expertise of Business Group Australia in the project, a group with extensive experience in the hospitality industry.Reducing the impact restaurants, caterers and cafes have on the environment can not only save money, but also have a dramatic overall impact. Consumers are also looking for ways they can help the environment through their choices and behaviour.  Making simple changes to the way businesses’ and their staff think and operate, can:

  • Create a point of difference from competitors;
  • Receive great publicity;
  • Cut costs;
  • Improve staff productivity and morale;
  • Increase customer loyalty and attract new customers;
  • Stay ahead of government legislation; and
  • Contribute to a better and healthier world.

The Eco-Biz Trial

A pilot cluster of 20 restaurants in a specified location in Brisbane are currently involved in an eco-efficiency trial by undertaking an assessment of energy (fuel & general electricity), waste and material inputs and costs with the assistance of an experienced consultant.  Industry relevant and modified tools will be used.  Realistic strategies to reduce these costs will be developed with each business with a further assessment of inputs and costs around nine months later (closing in April 2013).  The outcomes and tools developed form this trial will be used in other locations around Queensland.

Trial Group Learnings

Case Study_Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Case Study_Spirit House