R&CA has a dedicated in-house Migration Agent (MARN 0848877) to help our members with all immigration matters.

We can provide our members with the following assistance:

  • Provide free of charge initial advice on the process including government requirements, timing and documentation requirements
  • Help you prepare and lodge business sponsorships, nominations and all visa applications;
  • Liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on your behalf regarding your application until a final decision is made.



Registered migration agents are well placed to assist applicants with preparation of their applications, as they have an understanding of the DIBP’s requirements and expectations relating to applications. Additionally, registered migration agents are bound by a Code of Conduct and are required to:

  • have a sound knowledge of migration law, regulations and practice to offer sound and comprehensive advice
  • act professionally in a timely manner
  • have enough knowledge of business procedure to conduct business as a registered migration agent, including record keeping and file management



All initial inquiries regarding the application process are free for members.

We offer completely subsidised rates for all members who wish to proceed with our services.

We find that due to the high number of staff shortages in the hospitality industry in the local market many of our members opt to sponsor staff to fill the positions.  The 457 temporary business program provides Australian employers with the opportunity to sponsor highly qualified overseas workers, such as Cooks, Chefs, and Restaurant Manager, to work in their business on a temporary basis.

Why use the 457 visa program?

  • It gives you employee security for up to four years
  • Fastest and most flexible way to recruit qualified and experienced staff from the international labour market

How does the program work?

The 457 visa is a 3 stage application process:

  • STAGE ONE – the business must qualify as a Standard Business Sponsor
  • STAGE TWO – the nomination of the position must be approved
  • STAGE THREE – visa application must be approved

 What do I as a business owner need to do to qualify to use the program?

  • Standard business sponsor – in order to qualify the DIBP consider the following factors: business is trading, financials, currently employee contracts, meets the training benchmark A or B and has shown a commitment to training Australian staff.
  • Nomination – that the position is genuine, that the position has been advertised and the business could not find anyone from the local labour market to fulfil the position. The business must pay the market salary rate and meet the TISMIT level.
  • Visa application – the person applying has the formal qualifications and or prior relevant work experience and meets the language requirement.



The training requirements ensure that businesses who employ overseas workers also contribute to training Australians to help meet the industry’s future skill needs.

Training Benchmark – A

Business can contribute 2 per cent of their payroll to a recognised industry training fund – RCA administers a training fund which is recognised by the DIBP for the purpose of meeting the requirements.

Training Benchmark – B

To meet this benchmark, employers must demonstrate that they have spent at least 1 per cent of their past 12 months’ payroll expenditure on formal and structured training programs for their Australian employees.

Nomination of position and market salary rate

Market Salary Rate and Temporary Skilled Migration income threshold

The base rate of pay established under the market salary rate needs to be greater than the temporary skilled migration income threshold (TSMIT) which is currently $53,900 per annum.

  1. It is important for employers to note that the market salary rate, not the TSMIT, should determine what they pay overseas worker.
  2. When assessing the nomination applications, case officers first establish that the proposed salary meets the market salary rate requirement. They then compare this to TSMIT. If the market salary rate is less than the TSMIT, the nomination application cannot be approved.



Sponsorship Application Fee – $420.00

Nomination Application Fee – $330.00

Visa Application Fee – $1,060.00

Additional Visa fee temporary to temp onshore – $700.00

*The above fees are set by the DIBP, which may be subject to change from time to time.  Please also note that the above fees does not include our professional fees. For information regarding our professional fees please contact us on 1300722878 or email.



What does this involve?

This is a 2 stage process involving:

  1. Approval of employers nomination application
  2. Visa application from nominee

As an employer they look that you have met the training benchmark requirements over the duration of the 457 program and that you are currently trading and offer the visa applicant a position for a minimum of two years.

As a visa applicant you must:

  • Be nominated by an approved employer
  • Be younger than 50 years of age
  • Meet the skills and qualification requirement
  • Meet the English language requirement

The process once application is lodged can take up to 12 months to process.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

This is a visa allowing Australian employers in regional and low population growth areas to fill fulltime vacancies with overseas workers, where employers have not been able to locate suitably qualified workers.

This is a 3 stage process:

  1. Certification of the nomination by a Regional Certifying Body
  2. Nomination of approved appointment with the DIBP
  3. Nominee application for the visa with the DIBP

The visa applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be nominated by an approved employer who will nominate for a position in their business in regional Australia.
  • Be younger than 50 years of age
  • Meet the skills and qualification requirement
  • Meet the English language requirement



Nomination Application Fee – $540.00

Visa Application Fee – $3,600.00

The above fees are subject to change at the discretion of the DIBP.*The above fees do not include our professional fees and for information regarding our professional fees please contact us on 1300722878 or email.



RCA has been in negotiations with the DIBP for more than 7 years in order to obtain an industry specific agreement. This has now been approved and can be used as Restaurant (Fine Dining) Industry Labour Agreement. RCA is able to assist your business in applying for specific use of the agreement providing you meet the Fine Dining Requirement.

Labour and skills shortages are significantly more pronounced in the restaurant and cafe industry than any other tourism sub-sector, with 81 per cent of restaurant and cafe businesses identifying skills deficiencies in potential staff, 12 percentage points above the national average. A further 71 per cent of businesses report recruitment difficulties – nearly double that of other sectors. The lack of access to skilled workers is the number one reason provided for recruitment difficulties[1].

The following occupations have been approved under the RCA labour agreement:

  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Trade Waiter

The standard TSMIT is $53,900 and with the 10% concession, the salary must be equal or greater than $48,510.


In addition to the visas mentioned above, we are able to provide assistance on any visa matters that concerning you or your staff.  If you require any further information regarding the services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 722 878.