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A customer’s loyalty is earned almost instantaneously. From the moment they walk through your
door they’re making decisions about your venue, your food and your team. The customer faces
a sensorial onslaught, and guess what? Of all the senses, taste is the weakest. So, it’s
important to consider everything in your restaurant environment and deliver on more than just
the food. Here’s a sensory checklist to ensure your customers keep coming back.


Set the scene from the start. Ensure there’s synergy between every element; from the decor
and lighting to the menu design and cutlery, each aspect has to speak to the other.


Sound is (apparently) the strongest sensory influence in brand building because of its ability to
conjure and establish memories. So, pick your “timbre” and own it, whether it’s crowd chatter
and the clink of glasses, or ambient music and food sizzling, let sound enhance your diners


Scent presents a unique opportunity to add a little something, and we’re not just talking about
food. If you’re known for barbequed meats consider an open kitchen centered around hot coals.
If you’re a brunch destination, find a way to enhance the smell of baking bread or coffee
roasting #yum!


This one may seem a bit unusual, but touch also plays a role in creating a welcoming restaurant
environment. A comfortable chair, the texture of a napkin, the feel of a wine glass… each of
these play a part in creating your venue’s milieu.


Even if you’ve got the other four senses down pat, if the food isn’t good, you won’t win the
masses. Ensure that your menu is cohesive and your flavours are bang on.
Some food for thought…

We thought we’d address one other key make-or-break factor that doesn’t fall under any of the
sensorial categories. Customer service. Do everything you can to help your staff deliver the
best customer experience possible; whether that’s installing a great POS system, taking online
bookings with providers such as Dimmi, attaining guest recognition software to recognise
regulars. Use all the tools at your disposal to build an incredible team who are going to help you
become the best of the best.

Learn more about how Dimmi and how it can help your restaurant here.