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Take guesswork out of sustainability

Sustainable packaging is a hot topic across the foodservice and retail industries. Increasing public awareness about the issue is influencing buying patterns of consumers, so business operators are looking to packaging options that minimise environmental impact.

Detpak, a family-owned Australian packaging manufacturer, is committed to offering customers quality packaging products that take the guess work out of environmental responsibility.

“I am eco™ has been designed with the environment in mind at every stage – from sourcing materials and manufacturing, to distribution and end-of-life disposal,” said Shane Fuller, Detpak Group Marketing Manager.

“The I am eco™ product range signals Detpak’s commitment to forming a healthy, balanced relationship with our environment and our customers. With almost 230 products, it’s now the largest sustainable packaging product range offered by an Australian manufacturer.”

For a product to be truly sustainable, it needs to be made from natural, sustainable materials.

“We only source raw materials from sustainable and ethical sources,” said Mr. Fuller.

“We can say this with confidence as we regularly audit all of our suppliers, and in turn many of the world’s largest food brands regularly audit our operations.”

As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, Detpak now has Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification.

“This means that Detpak and I am eco™ customers, using a specific code provided through invoicing, can trace the product back to the fibre source. In addition to this, Detmold Packaging, the manufacturing arm of Detpak, has PEFC and FSC accreditation across its manufacturing plants globally,” Mr. Fuller said.

Detpak was one of the first signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant, a sustainable packaging initiative that encourages businesses to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging. Detpak also promotes sustainable packaging design, increased recycling rates and efforts to reduce packaging litter.

Choosing sustainable packaging doesn’t mean compromising on function or quality, said Mr. Fuller.

“The range features things like PLA bioplastic, used on hot cups to create a waterproof lining. Unlike the traditional polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics, these innovative PLA films and bioplastics are annually renewable, naturally biodegradable and compostable.”

To learn more about I am eco™ and Detpak, visit http://www.detpak.com/product-details/11/i-am-eco-range

Since its beginnings in 1948 Detpak has been helping businesses and brands grow with high quality, consistent and beautiful packaging. Detpak understands that food is an experience that starts long before the first bite and Detpak’s customers know that if their paper and board packaging inspires and influences their customers, then their bottom line will benefit.