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Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia (Provider number 6868) offer a range of courses for the professional development of our members and their staff. As a registered training organization, we are recognised as a provider with many of our courses offering AQF nationally recognised certificates for those who complete the program and demonstrate attained proficiency. To maintain a high standard, on an ongoing basis we work with our trainers to refresh their skills and bring vibrancy to the program. Our courses are aimed at this industry where we have special knowledge of the conditions and requirements to improve the industry.

Short Courses 

(unit of competency: SITHFAB201)

(units of competency: SITXCCS303, SITXCOM401, SITXCCS401 and SITXCCS501)

(units of competency: SITXFSA101, SITXINV202, SITXINV401 and SITXINV601)

(units of competency: SITHKOP302, SITHKOP501 and SITXFIN402)

(units of competency: SITXMGT501 and SITXMPR502)

(units of competency: SITXHRM301 and SITXHRM402)

(units of competency: SITXFSA101 and SITXFSA201)


All courses are delivered ONLINE!!!

Your Benefits in using online training:

Convenient – As more and more people struggle to balance the demands of work and home, online training allows people to learn from work, home and on the road.

Relevant – Since courses and content deal with the most current topics, online training ensures training is applicable to a person’s career and business objectives.

Time – Online training allows you to access a course whenever you want. This flexibility allows you or your employees to repeat or redo sections that you do not understand or would like to check up on. This means they can also look back on old training for future reference.

Affordable – The bottom line is cost savings. Elimination of travel expenses.

Fun – By providing only the highest-quality interactive content, online training not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well..

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  – Required documents for enrolment


Short Courses ONLINE Short Courses Face to Face Qualifications ONLINE
Course registration form – SALanguage, Literacy and Numeracy 

Enrolment Form 2016


Course registration form – SA Course registration form – SALanguage, Literacy and NumeracyEnrolment Form 2016

RTO Declaration

Unit List (refer to the unit list on each qualification page)

Environment Checklist (please contact the training department for the correct option)

Environment Checklist (Food Preparation Area)

Environment Checklist (Operational Commercial Kitchen)

Environment Checklist (Operational Bar)

Environment Checklist (Operational Restaurant or Dining Area)

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Training Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the Student Handbook 2016 in regards to the following policies and Procedures:

  • Legislation Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Learning Support Services Policy
  • Academic Grievance Policy and Procedure
  • Qualification Issuance Policy
  • Continuous Improvement Policy
  • Fees & Refund Policy
  • Incidents Policy and Procedure


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Traineeship and Apprenticeship

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**Course is a mix of a blend delivery including online, practical components and may include face to face training.
*Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia (Provider number 6868)*