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Payments, Point of Sale & Booking Systems

In the last seven years the Aussie restaurant industry has come a long way – disrupted by a digital revolution that has transformed restaurant operations and customer experiences for the better. Here are five digital innovations that you should be using in 2016 to help your restaurant reach new heights.

  • Digital marketing. Build a customer database and gather information about every diner that books and dines with you. Use this information to stay connected with your customers and send targeted messages to entice them back through your doors. For example, if you’re having a special steak night you wouldn’t send an invite to vegetarians.
  • Yield Management. Use online systems like Dimmi to encourage diners to eat out during quieter service times. Whether it’s weeknights, shoulder times or slow lunches you need to fill, yield management will put more bums on seats and boost your bottom line.
  • Connect to a wider network. By plugging into distribution channels such as Dimmi, Qantas, Zomato and TripAdvisor your restaurant will be visible to the thousands of Aussies searching for dining inspiration each day. Be in the places that matter most and attract new customers to your business.
  • Eliminate no shows. Sign up to Dimmi Payments and protect yourself against no shows. By taking credit card guarantees, deposits or full payments you can reduce your no-show rate and say hello to increased revenue and improved cash flow.
  • Guest recognition. An online diary like Dimmi Pro powered by ResDiary will allow you to build meaty customer profiles to deliver better dining experiences. Log data about customers likes, dislikes, job status, dietary requirements and more. Take customer service to the next level. A simple, “Hello John, welcome back,” goes a long way!


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