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Payment Solutions

Technology is only a tool, and tools are only valuable when the right tool is used for the right job. H&L has these tools and know what will increase your revenue, but also keep your customers happy. One of these fantastic tools are integrated payment solutions, but they must be used in the right way.

As hospitality people at heart, H&L know better than most the critical requirements for each food & beverage operation.  We have built and continue to refine Australia’s leading POS Solution for the industry including integrating payment solutions, booking and table management and many of the new and exciting order, loyalty and take away apps that are entering the market.

We work in partnership with restaurateurs to provide the service, support & technology that will maximise profitability, give a competitive edge & improve day to day operations.

We understand that it’s not only about internal efficiency & profitability – it is also about your customer’s experience, with customers increasingly expecting greater convenience and a personalised experience.

Integrated Payment solutions address both ends of the spectrum and this means that everyone’s a “winner”.

H&L has partnered with the Tyro and ANZ Blade for faster service and faster payments as the EFTPOS terminals integrate directly with the H&L POS.  This offers the convenience of bar tabs, payment, and receipts at the table, whilst not locking out your staff at  the POS during the Eftpos transaction process.

H&L also integrate with Clipp, a mobile bar tab app, where a customer can open, pre-authorise and close their tab directly from their phone.

And just a little reminder …

In addition to payment solutions, H&L’s back office software “Sysnet” focusses on the management of two of the greatest costs to any food and beverage operation; labour and material. This enables venues to generate higher G.O.P. (Gross Operating Profit) as a result of better management of their materials and their staff.

H&L’s POS also integrates seamlessly with services such as ordering solutions, bookings and table management and with other mobile apps such as order ahead, delivery, takeaway, and loyalty, so the venue gets the benefit of these applications, without the need for separate hardware and software to operate them.

H&L continue to be at the forefront of developing solutions to assist venues in meeting the existing and emerging technology and integration requirements.

For more information about H&L’s POS integration visit: http://hlaustralia.com.au/industries/restaurants-cafes-bars

H&L are the POS solution hospitality specialists in Australia. Over the past 30 years and into the future, our single focus is providing solutions to our clients to make their businesses more successful and profitable.