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Packaging is vital to ensure restaurants deliver

The demand for food delivery services has never been greater, and is growing every day. The industry is expected to increase in value by AUD$52 billion by 2020, with tech-savvy, time-poor Millennial-era customers driving demand, research from Euromonitor shows.

Eating food outside of restaurants is no longer merely about convenience, it is becoming a luxury, and people are willing to pay a premium for a quality experience, so restaurants really need to deliver on their promises.

Packaging is a new world for restaurants who have never offered delivery, and may have only done limited takeaway according to Shane Fuller, Detpak Group Marketing Manager

“Restaurants new to food delivery need to ensure they are getting their packaging right – it’s your first and last chance to send a message about your business and the food you provide,” he says.

“Protecting the integrity of the food is obviously vital, and people need to think about how it’s being transported. It might be strapped on the back of a bike, carried in a backpack-type carrier, or put in the back seat of a car.

“Factors such as whether it needs to be kept hot or cold, whether it’s greasy, or it needs to breathe, all need to be taken into consideration when preparing the food for delivery. Sturdy packaging will be needed to withstand the journey.”

However the importance of packaging goes beyond making sure the food is protected, Mr Fuller says.

“It’s one of the best value forms of communication with your customers. It’s an opportunity to inject personality into a transaction, that may be dominated by another well-known brand, and make it memorable.”

He says restaurants should be taking advantage of the captive market to send a message about their establishment.

For restaurants delving into delivery for the first time, Mr Fuller advises speaking to a packaging expert like Detpak, who can guide them through the process.

“Packaging solutions for food delivery need to be cost-effective, functional, and easy to use for everybody.

“Detpak can advise on the whole process, taking into account functionality, environmental considerations, ensuring value-for-money, and custom printing to maximise your brand’s exposure,” he says.

Whether your business handles just a few delivery orders a week, or it is a significant source of income, be sure your packaging protects the food and helps deliver the experience customers expect.