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Apprenticeship Mentor Program

Life as an Apprentice is not always easy, with the pressure of work, study and trying to maintain a “work life balance”. Statistically there is an above average chance that at some point during an Apprenticeship an Apprentice will need additional support and that is where our Mentors step in. The Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices (ISMAA) program has been established to provide support to Apprentices in the first two years of their training and provide the opportunity for them to access additional support provided by a team of experienced industry professionals. The ISMAA Mentor team are that extra pair of safe hands to help you the Apprentice and employer. The program provides help as and when needed but also via a number of “one to one” mentoring visits to pre-empt any potential issues. Our service is completely FREE and totally confidential. The overarching aim of the Industry Specialist Mentoring service is to increase the retention and completion rates of Apprentices by helping them overcome any barriers they may come up against and as a result, increase the supply of skilled workers in the sector. Our team of nationally based Mentors is available now, so sign up to the program using the link or QR Code below. For more information, please click on one of the brochures below or call 1300 722 878:



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