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Is your business WHS compliant?

There’s no denying the importance of first aid – the application of immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill at the workplace may reduce the severity of the injury or illness and encourage a speedy recovery. In some cases it may mean the difference between life and death.

Work Health and Safety regulations can be confusing. Many employers are unsure of their responsibilities under the various aspects of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. To combat the confusion, codes of practice have been created to offer practical guidance for achieving the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the WHS Act.

While first aid requirements will vary from workplace to workplace, the code of practice provides valuable information about using a risk management approach so that the first aid provisions put in place are tailored to the individual circumstances of a specific workplace. The code also provides guidance on the number and type of first aid kits different workplaces require, and how many trained first aiders are appropriate for particular workplaces.

However Alsco’s Managed First Aid Service takes the worry out of ensuring ongoing WHS compliance is met, for any business, in any state.  We provide a full range of kits to suit a variety of business needs, and our service ensures they are checked regularly for out of date items and restocked when required.  Alsco’s rental program even takes away the financial burden of capital outlay and depreciation, replacing it with a tax deductible service.

We also provide Eyewash Stations as well as Automatic Defibrillators which can substantially reduce the risk of fatality from cardiac arrest, and can be a useful addition for workplaces where there is a risk of electrocution or where there are large numbers of members of the public.

In addition to providing First Aid services, Alsco also offers nationally accredited first aid training for your employees. We will keep you abreast with current certification requirements, thereby ensuring your employees’ first aid qualifications are always up to date.  Alsco’s online administration makes record keeping easy and generates prompts that help keep staff qualifications current. Our Training Guarantee also covers the costs and risks of employee turnover.

Alsco has been providing professionally managed textile rental services throughout Australasia since 1962. Our range of services include a commercial linen service and an extensive uniform range of industrial and image workwear, corporate clothing and chef uniforms as well as rubber floor matting. Our Fresh & Clean business delivers a completely managed washroom program which includes hand drying systems, feminine hygiene, odour control, soap disposal and hygiene systems.

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