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Innovative products that have changed the hospitality landscape

For many years, Aussie restaurants only took bookings via the telephone, relying on word of mouth or foot traffic to attract new customers. Sounds crazy right? My how far the industry has come. The landscape has changed dramatically and the products available on the market today are changing the way restaurants run their business.

  1. Online bookings are the key innovation that’s changed the way restaurants operate. This digital product allows venues to receive live online bookings from various distribution channels anytime, anywhere. Online bookings were really the first tech innovation from which other products have sprung.
  1. Storing customer credit card details is a function used by multiple industries, however, it’s a pretty new thing for restaurants. Products like Dimmi Payments and Guarantees allows venues to impose stricter booking policies and take credit card details at the time of booking to ensure guests show up.
  1. Yield Management is something that airlines and hotels have been doing for years, making the most of available inventory right down to the very last second, but for restaurants in Australia, the product has never existed. However, now with Dimmi Off Peak’s variable pricing strategy, based on anticipating and influencing consumer behaviour, restaurants can use yield management strategies to maximize revenue and incentivise diners to eat out during off peak times.
  1. Let your POS and reservation system talk to each other with the latest POS products. Dimmi integrates with platforms such as Impos, OrderMate and Idealpos which can be fed directly into your online restaurant diary, streamlining services and in-house practices. With these products itemised bills can be sourced directly from your POS system to your diary, helping you to build meatier diner profiles; staff can easily view and update table status’ throughout service to maximise table turns and manage wait lists and walk-ins with ease.
  1. Marketing function spaces or private dining rooms is always a challenge, however, a product like iVvy can help to fill private dining rooms and function spaces that are so often go unused. This product is an easy to use/affordable management solution that helps gain access to new customers, manage bookings and maximise revenue. Plus, if you’re using Dimmi it can feed directly into your online diary.
  1. Keeping in touch with your customers is very important and with products like MyGuestList you can leverage your customer database and grow your business. With the Dimmi and MyGuestList integration you can streamline your marketing workload and create automated professional email & SMS communications to share with your customers.

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