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Hospitality apprenticeship pathways in Victoria

An apprenticeship is a great way of earning money while learning skills on the job. As an apprentice you will learn essential foundation skills cookery and hospitality. Whether it is food preparation and food safety in the kitchen or vital service skills in front of house, an apprenticeship can be the key to a long-lasting rewarding career

Restaurant & Catering Australia is the peak national body that represents the interests of Australia’s 45,000 restaurants, cafes and catering businesses, and we are implementing a project funded by the Victorian Government to increase the number and quality of hospitality apprentices in the state.

Goals and Objectives for our project: Hospitality apprenticeship pathways in Victoria

  • Decreasing the wastage in the training effort through the targeted selection of school leavers to participate in intensive programs that provide a concentrated focus of the formal elements of the pathways qualifications – complemented by significant workplace learning to reinforce the skills and knowledge required by potential apprentices;
  • Develop flexible and responsive training models – that allow for different combinations of work and training – to meet the needs of a broader range of learners and businesses and attract a broader range of apprentices, and
  • Strengthen the links with school-based and VET in Schools hospitality programs. This will include a review VET in Schools programs to ensure they are nationally consistent and prepare individuals for an apprenticeship.
  • Test and evaluate the essential elements of the alternative training models, designed from industry experience. The project training models will be developed with a cohort of approximately 200 – 250 participants to be engaged in each Model;


Register your interest today

Register your interest for this program whether you’re an employee, apprentice or employer by emailing restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au, call us on 1300 722 878 or register for Skills Passport at https://skillspassport.net/ .


The focus will focus on two alternating delivery models:

  1. How Vet in Schools hospitality programs can be enhanced to provide an important entry into the apprenticeship pathways – where individuals can gain valuable skills or test an industry before signing onto an apprenticeship
  2. The better integration of Institutional and workplace based training pathways – getting the right mix of on-the-job training (relevant work experience) as well as meeting requirements associated with the underpinning and other knowledge provided by the off-the-job training experiences

Major Project Deliverables

The outputs of the project will be:

  • An attitudinal selection tool;
  • Menu-based training resources for VET in Schools delivery;
  • An industry interface for work placement of VET in School students;
  • A pilot of VET in Schools Delivery with 200-250 students;
  • A promotional program for industry personalities to promote apprenticeship;
  • Delivery resources and menus for menu-based block delivery;

For further information contact Restaurant & Catering Australia – Phone 1300 722 878 or email restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au