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2019 NSW Election Priorities

Prior to the next NSW state election scheduled to be held in March 2019, R&CA has put together a list of policy priorities on behalf of the tourism and hospitality sector which can be accessed in the document below.

  • R&CA’s key policy priorities in NSW ahead of the 2019 state election include:
  • Increase the payroll tax threshold from the current $750,000 to $1.1 million with gradual increases to $1.5 million over time.
  • Commit to a state-wide roll out of the successfully piloted Easy to Do Business Program prior to the next state election in March 2019.
  • Remove the red tape requirement for catering companies to notify local police a minimum of 14 days before hosting an event with alcohol.
  • Remove the Community Impact Statement Requirement for licensed cafés and restaurants when applying for Primary Service and/or Extended Trading Authorisations.
  • Reduce the cost of applying for and transferring an on-premises liquor licence.
  • Increase the current rebates that small businesses who employ new apprentices and trainees are eligible to apply for.
  • Expand the recently piloted Outdoor Dining Policy across the state.
  • Reduce the licensing costs of businesses with outdoor dining areas in line with measures already introduced in the ACT and in Adelaide.
  • Work with industry associations to address the steady decline in apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Continue to minimise the impact of construction zones associated with major infrastructure projects as much as possible.
  • Any consideration of a CoOL scheme should not involve mandatory menu-labelling requirements for cafés and restaurants.
  • Increase funding for Destination NSW to attract more domestic and international tourists to the state.
  • Commit to implementing policies to reduce the impact of rising electricity and gas costs for small businesses in the hospitality sector.
  • Commit to no additional full or part-day public holidays and only gazette Local Event Days.
  • Increase funding and resources for rural and regional areas to support the sustainability of tourism and hospitality businesses.
  • Reduce the payroll tax rate for businesses that employ 85 per cent or more rural or regional employees in line with the Victorian Government.

View the priorities document below: