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2018 Queensland Election Priorities

Prior to the 2017 Queensland state election, R&CA has put together a list of policy priorities on behalf of the tourism and hospitality sector which can be accessed in the document below. These priorities include:

  • Immediately increasing the payroll tax threshold in Queensland to $1.25 million with gradual increases to $2 million and the eventual view towards abolishing payroll tax entirely;
  • Committing to implementing policies aimed at reducing the impact of rising electricity and gas costs for small businesses, including a meaningful reduction in State government imposed fees and tariffs;
  • Extending the current exemptions on payroll tax for apprentice and trainee wages until 30 June 2019 with a view to a permanent exemption being granted;
  • Increasing the payroll tax rebate on apprentice and trainee wages from the existing 50 per cent to 75 per cent;
  • Working with industry associations to address the decline in the completion rate for hospitality apprenticeships and traineeships and improve the quality and delivery of this training;
  • Removing the current requirement for hospitality businesses to obtain public event permits for small ticketed events such as gala dinners;
  • Fully participating in the Federal Government’s $300 million red tape reduction program and introduce additional red tape reduction measures for small businesses;
  • Continuing supporting the work of the Queensland Small Business Advisory Council’s Better Regulation Taskforce further minimising the red tape burden for small businesses;
  • Introducing a new, stand-alone licence type for cafés and restaurants recognising the lower risk profile of these venues and in line with other Australian states and territories;
  • Cutting the costs of liquor licensing for cafés and restaurants by 50 per cent as a starting point and reduce the amount of time taken to process applications to 3 months at the absolute maximum;
  • Reducing the licensing fees and complexities involved in applying for an outdoor dining permit;
  • Endorsing R&CA’s Gold License for Caterers accreditation program at a local council level in line with other jurisdictions across Australia;
  • Exempting Gold Licenced Caterers from having to undergo more than one food safety audit per year and excessive record-keeping requirements;
  • Substantially increasing funding over the forward estimates period for Tourism and Events Queensland to capitalise on growth in domestic and international tourism and expenditure;
  • Devoting additional investment to attracting high-calibre major events, with a particular focus on securing major events in regional areas to boost economic activity and employment;
  • Investing additional funding in regional areas, including a 25 per cent discount on payroll tax for businesses with 85 per cent or more regional employees;
  • That the Queensland Government and Gold Coast City Council help maximise business opportunities and minimise any disruptions arising from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games; and
  • Gazetting no additional public holidays and only consider the addition of show holidays.

View the priorities document below: