XO Supper Club

DIA AW_pathAt the XO Supper Club, interior architect Mary Harben combined a club atmosphere with an intimate environment, using its signature brand to create lasting impressions.

“In designing XO Supper Club, we wanted to create a club atmosphere that was the embodiment of the fashion capitals of Europe, but to position it for Adelaide. To achieve this, we took a radical departure from the colder and more sterile designs that defined the restaurants around the Supper Club and instead oriented our design around distinctive finishes, durable materials and the restaurant’s signature form—XO—as a brand, not just a logo.

“Our design and use of the XO throughout are meant to set a standard and to start a trend that revolves around XO as a brand. The design also acts as a catalyst for the launch of a potential home wares line. To this end, we imprinted the glassware, menus, designer uniforms and signature wall panels with the restaurant’s logo, but we also had to create an environment with which we would want the brand associated. Throughout dinner, guests of the Supper Club are immersed in XO. From the painted glass when they enter, to the wooden partitions, which have XO carved in patterns to the laser-ingrained wall panels, diners are surrounded by a dozen or so components of branding. Yet, it remains subtle and creates an ambience that evokes intimacy and indulgence without being intimidating or overt.

“Suspended candles that hang throughout the restaurant were specially created for the Supper Club and dimmable low voltage lighting reinforces the intimate ambience the rest of the restaurant creates. Mirrors along both sides of the restaurant increase the volume of space and an open floor plan enabled us to manipulate the space and to create zones of relaxation, which could be public or private depending on the preference of the guest. The dining area, for example, is divided into two zones—open tables, which offer the stereotypical formal experience of dining in a restaurant and a section of booths that can be either private or public.

“The booths provide a space where large groups can go to enjoy a meal or dinner party, but can also be covered by a curtain for couples seeking privacy. This division of space is further emphasised by a subtle LED strip within the floor and the duplication of warm fluorescence within the ceiling space. The cherry bar is enhanced by the LED illumination and the warmth of the signature panels create an atmosphere conducive to sampling the club’s tapas menu.

“The complete design provides a casual and personally engaging dining experience that invites guests to return for any occasion.”

XO Supper Club
173 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA
Phone: 08 8215 0244
Fax: 08 8215 0342
Website: www.xosupperclub.com.au

Mary Harben, Harben Design
Level 8 68 Grenfell Street Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 61 8 8235 6784
Fax: 61 8 8235 6694

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