Workplace inspections are coming

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) recently advised the Restaurant & Catering Association that it has commenced the first phase of the Workplace Basics Campaign, a national campaign focusing on small business employers and their compliance with fundamental workplace obligations.

As part of this first phase, Fair Work Inspectors will be contacting around 1000 employers in multiple industries across Australia, including the hospitality sector, and will be seeking a sample of employment records for audit.

The FWO has advised that through this campaign, it is seeking to address its concerns that many employers are continuing to struggle with basic workplace obligations. These include: base hourly rates, penalty rates, overtime, record-keeping requirements, and pay slip requirements.

The FWO will be using these audits as an opportunity to engage with employers and ensure they fully understand— and are complying with—these fundamental legislative requirements, as the FWO will be returning to reassess the records of non-compliant businesses in a second and subsequent campaign phase.

Call Restaurant and Catering’s IR team on 1300 722 878 if you have any questions about complying with workplace laws, or need assistance with complying with an audit request from FWO.

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