Welcoming China

John HartThere are ways you can make it easy for Chinese visitors to enjoy all we have to offer.

I was very honored recently to attend Australia Week in China as part of the Tourism Australia delegation. The delegation itself was well organised by AUSTRADE and Tourism Australia and provided some real insights for our industry. The first insight was how important the China market is to the future of our industry, and the second was how important our industry is to the future of the China market. At this stage Australia receives just on one million visitors from China. That is one per cent of outbound travel from China. The part of the outbound Chinese market that is growing is the independent traveller. And what is this market looking for? Great quality food and wine experiences!

It was very evident that there are three things that need to occur for this new breed of Chinese visitors to connect with us: being able to connect with our offering (in their language); being able to pay (in their currency); and to know what experiences are available.

The first two items are both part of the Restaurant & Catering China Ready Welcome Program. The final area that needs to be addressed is telling visitors about the great restaurant experiences in Australia. This is part of the R&C China Ready Welcome Program but is also connected to Savour Australia bookable database that is being promoted to the Restaurant Australia campaign.

John Hart

CEO, Restaurant & Catering

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