The winning formula: Anets fryers and Peerless Foods’ Formula 40

Anets FilterMate Systems offer a quick, easy cooking oil filtration solution.

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Oil is one of the most expensive ongoing costs to a business, so if there was a way to extend oil life and save serious money every week, would the relevant savings come into serious consideration?

First, you would have to look at understanding what the enemies of cooking oil are and how you would consistently manage them, thereby saving thousands of dollars every year. Common enemies of oil are heat, carbon, bacteria, water, salt, air and detergents. Looking out for and carefully managing your oils exposure to these problems will result in your customers receiving a more consistently fried product.

Fast-food restaurants across the world maximise the benefits of frequent filtration of oil and have done so for over 30 years. The million-dollar question is, “When should the oil be changed?”

The decision should be based on the finished food quality and flavour of the product as well as colour and appearance of the oil. If the oil is very dark, lazy, smoking or foaming, then it is time for a change.

Filtering fryers involves some very important processes, including filter pads and possibly filter powder. Anets quality filter pads are envelopes which work more effectively than a single sheet. The average cost per envelope is $3.00 and one filter pad will filter all of the frying system fryers.

Filter powder help removes impurities such as free fatty acids and total polar materials, which change the surface tension of oil, resulting in the food soaking up more oil and becoming greasier.

cooking oil filtration

The systems fit neatly under the 14GS.CS gas deep fryers.

Some products on the market are activated filter powder that attracts and extracts soluble liquid impurities that contributes to reduction in flavour and increase in odours. These products act like a magnet, so the impurities are caught in the filter media allowing only filtered oil to pass through. The average cost per fryer is 7¢ per litre.

Frequently filtering oil will extend its life, providing customers with a consistently better tasting fried product, every day. The Anets FilterMate Systems are designed to fit under the base system of two of the renowned Anets 14GS.CS fryers. Additionally, it is possible to bank 2, 3 or 4 fryers off the same 50 litre oil capacity filter machine.

Simply filter the oil once a day for 5 minutes and you will reduce your oil wastage and serve your customers a better tasting fried food every time. When it comes to dumping your old oil, simply connect the oil disposal hose to the Filtermate and pump the old oil directly into old oil drums.

Fry more chips, use less gas, reduce oil wastage and speed up the oil filtering process, demand Anets.

For a limited time, with every Anets 14GS.CS or Filtermate System purchased, receive a complimentary 20-litre drum of Formula 40.

Formula 40 has a unique cottonseed formulation which makes it a superior heavy-duty deep frying. With a thick, cloudy, robust base guaranteeing long fry life and superior drain off, Formula 40 is the preferred brand of oil for chefs who understand the value of a good reputation. 

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