The POS solution that “Does it all”

H&L Australia has a suite of products that integrate into their POS solutions to help venues reduce costs.

H&L Australia has a suite of products that integrate into their POS solutions to help venues reduce costs.

Australian restaurants are reducing operating costs and attracting new customers using a leading industry management solution.

H&L Australia’s POS Management Solution developed specifically for the hospitality industry is combating the two greatest costs to any venue: labour and material costs.

The solution, claimed as an intelligent system by its users, incorporates POS, Inventory Management and Workforce Solutions.

Rocks Bar and Grill—a busy alfresco dining restaurant along the Glenelg Pier in South Australia—is one of the restaurants who have invested in the solution.

“We knew we needed more than just a POS system if we wanted to save on operating costs,” says Tom Sargent, IT Manager at Rocks Bar and Grill.

As a result of better management of our materials—greater inventory and staff control—the restaurant is now generating a higher G.O.P. (gross operating profit).

H&L wants to encourage other restaurants to follow suit with the POS solution that ‘does it all’.

“There are long-term benefits of investing in a total POS integrated Management and Workforce Solution, instead of just the standard POS system,” H&L Australia’s Director of Business Development & Marketing Burt Admiraal says.

Mr Admiraal encourages all hospitality venues, not just restaurants, looking to increase their G.O.P., to think beyond their POS.

H&L Australia has a suite of products that integrate into their POS solutions to help venue’s reduce costs, however it has now added BooKBooK™ to bring more customers through the doors.

BooKBooK™, an electronic bookings system, is a simple to use online booking system that enables venues to say goodbye to the paper-based bookings, book and combine all bookings including online, telephone and walk-ins into one central area.

It also integrates directly with the H&L Point of Sale, streamlining the entire booking, dining and customer experience.

Australians are now spending more than ever on eating out.

In addition, as mobile has now overtaken fixed internet access, it is so important for dining venues to connect with their potential customers in that mobile space.

After all, a significant number of dining decisions are made when people are out and about, with the convenience of their smart phone or tablet, not sitting in front of a computer!

To attract customers, a restaurant’s website must contain up-to-date information to showcase the venue and food offering to give it the best opportunity to attract these mobile customers.  In addition, this information has to be easily read and navigated on mobile devices. This is called a responsive website.

When using the BooKBooK™ widget within the responsive website, potential customers can book a table immediately and receive immediate confirmation of that booking.

There are a number of benefits of using BooKBooK™ including the power to take bookings anywhere anytime; easily coordinate your bookings; collect data from your customers to improve your marketing; offer alternatives if the timeslot they want isn’t available; book direct to the table; send booking reminders; and detailed reporting for you to analyse.

“One of the main distinctions between BooKBooK™ and its competitors is its waiting function. If a time or date is not available, BooKBooK™ can wait list the customer and make contact in the event of a cancellation.

Another great feature is that when customers are near to your restaurant, they can also ask BooKBooK™  to go OnQueue™, so they can relax and enjoy a pre-dinner drink, rather than spending time in line waiting for a table. Customers are sent an SMS when a table becomes available,” Mr Admiraal says.

For more information on H&L’s POS Management Solution, please contact H&L Australia 1800 620 041 or visit

Find out more about BooKBooK™ at

For a responsive website, with BooKBooK integration, visit

Contact Details:

Burt Admiraal
Director of Business Development & Marketing
H&L Australia
M: 0418 550 005

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