The morning after

The election’s come and gone. What can R&CA members expect from the new Government in the short term, and beyond?

Well the election is over and now we know that the polls were right all along. Despite the booming economic conditions, it was time for a change. The task ahead is pretty daunting. Not only new Ministers to craft relationships with, but a whole new ethos to come to terms with.  In the lead up to the election, R&CA formed alliances with a number of organisations that will be ale to help us interface with a Labor Government. There is no doubt, with the nature of reform we now face, that the Government will need to work with us and the other employer groups, particularly on Industrial Award reform. The first area in which attention will need to be paid is what industrial arrangements are in place for new employees. Whilst AWAs can continue to be lodged until the legislation changes, the Government is keen that this happen as soon as possible. Please contact your State Association if you are unsure of your obligations at this time. We will endeavour to keep you up to date as best we can.  The Association has already drafted an advocacy plan for implementation for the balance of the calendar year. Priorities focus on the implementation of ALP policy and ensuring that the interests of restaurateurs and caterers are met in this implementation. Along with IR, this includes making certain that in enhancing the role of skills councils there is a string representation of the tourism and hospitality industries. I truly hope your custom holds up over the silly season. I look forward to bringing you more good news as it comes to hand.

Con Castrisos
President, Restaurant & Catering  Australia

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