restaurant wine

Soaring Sav Blanc

It’s one of the most popular wines on the market, but board the sauvignon blanc bandwagon with care: like the legendary ouroboros, it may be eating its own tail ...

Perfect with double brie and a punt on the ponies: Ben Canaider documents the meteoric rise of sauvignon blanc and how it can work on your wine list for another millenium. It is no secret that the wine prodigy of […]

Rosé round-up

The Old Man and the Rosé: if Ernest Hemingway was a fan of rosé, shouldn’t you be one, too?

No matter what its colour—reddish white, blush, pink, purple—or flavour—dry or sweet—rose is a wine gaining in popularity. By Ben Canaider Everyone’s favourite Marlin fisherman and novelist, Ernest Hemingway, was a man’s man. He was always Bond and never blond; […]

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