Restaurant drinks

Wine styles 101

A little wine knowledge goes a long way: teach your staff the basics and watch customer satisfaction skyrocket.

In an assault on his highly tuned, highly practised drinking senses,  discovers too many wait staff don’t know the basics about what your customers are drinking. Let his challenge begin. Students attending hospitality colleges have never had so much information. […]

Soaring Sav Blanc

It’s one of the most popular wines on the market, but board the sauvignon blanc bandwagon with care: like the legendary ouroboros, it may be eating its own tail ...

Perfect with double brie and a punt on the ponies: Ben Canaider documents the meteoric rise of sauvignon blanc and how it can work on your wine list for another millenium. It is no secret that the wine prodigy of […]

Home and away

Here and now: restaurateurs should think of new wine listings strategically to attract the big drinkers—and big profits.

Foreign trade is an inevitable part of any industry, but are rising wine imports threatening our valuable local production? Ben Canaider reports. Conservativism can be a two-edged sword in the world of hospitality business excellence. On the one hand, you […]

Liquid assets

There’s never been a better time to hydrate: bottled water is a great way to satisfy your customers’ thirst.

Water bars, water sommeliers, designer brands … as restaurateurs tap in on the booming bottled water market, Ben Canaider reveals what’s actually in Australian bottles and which brands attract dry drinkers. What’s wet and expensive, yet something that everyone wants? […]

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