commercial kitchen equipment

Top gear

With commercial kitchen equipment, like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Small price tags generally mean less reliable products.

There’s no global industry standard for commercial kitchen equipment, so how does anyone know that they’re buying the right thing for the right price? Micaela di Piramo investigates. Whether it’s a pair of tongs or a dough-kneading machine that weighs […]

Diligent Design

“In a busy kitchen, if one thing breaks down, it will have an impact on everything else,” says Glen Barkhan, CEO of BevWizz Group.

Proper planning cannot be an afterthought when designing a commercial kitchen. Micaela di Piramo shares the secrets to getting the most bang for your designing dollars upfront. It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home—it’s the place […]

Top it off

Today’s worktops offer commercial kitchens a myriad of options.

Imagine walking into a space, plugging in your equipment and serving a meal within minutes—with modern counter top equipment it is possible. By Dominique Antarakis These days, you can put together a virtually free-standing commercial kitchen without tearing down ceilings, […]

New lease on life

Before you even start to think of financing you need to look at what equipment you need based on the type of business you’ve got.

Financing equipment can be a difficult process, especially when you have to get the money elsewhere. Rob Johnson reports. Capital equipment is a bigger problem for restaurants than it is for many industries. Like many industries, it’s fundamental to your […]

The need for speed

The new speedy cooking ovens can make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

A new range of accelerated cooking ovens is available, turning cooking into a whole new experience. By Dominique Antarakis A nine-inch frozen pizza cooked perfectly crisp in one minute and 40 seconds? Or a croissant baked in just 15 seconds? […]