catering management

Perfect fit

Ed Thomson loves a challenge: “We have to guarantee our reputation stays at that high level,” she says of her niche catering operation, Ed Dixon Design.

Some caterers have discovered that limiting their appeal to just one niche of the market makes for good business. John Burfitt reports. It is a general rule of any business that to succeed, you need to know your market and […]

Top gear

With commercial kitchen equipment, like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Small price tags generally mean less reliable products.

There’s no global industry standard for commercial kitchen equipment, so how does anyone know that they’re buying the right thing for the right price? Micaela di Piramo investigates. Whether it’s a pair of tongs or a dough-kneading machine that weighs […]

The venue trap

Some venues may be serving up a lot more than you bargained for—including charging caterers hidden fees and commissions.

Not all catering jobs are created equal. In fact, some venues have a seedy underbelly when it comes to hiring caterers—hidden charges, kickbacks, commissions. Maybe it’s time you read the fine print in your contract. By Sharon Aris Venues, venues […]

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