Sydney Fish Market launches Seafood Quality Index app

SokyoThe Sydney Fish Market and Sokyo executive chef Chase Kojima have together launched the Australian Seafood Quality Index app. The digital app will put a guide to the shelf life of seafood at chefs’ fingertips.

Kojima showed his support by demonstrating the app at last week’s launch. “The Quality Index app is a convenient tool for chefs and other seafood buyers, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the expected shelf life of chilled seafood to ensure produce is of an optimum standard”.

The app, developed in collaboration with The University of Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, will set new standards for quality control, and can be used to check the quality of ten different seafood species. The app has an easy-to-use checklist function, to which users will provide a series of information about the fish “including appearance, odour and texture.”

The checklist allows the app to add the scores from each category and apply an overall Quality Index Score. The score will indicate the current and remaining quality of the fish. The app’s options to archive files and upload images to Dropbox allow for exciting new pathways in operational assessment requirements.

“This app was designed to incorporate established industry practices and present them in a user friendly, modernised way,” said Sydney Fish Market’s general manager, Bryan Skepper. “It incorporates best practice seafood shelf life assessment and record keeping in one simple place.”

The app is now available from both iTunes and Android app stores.

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