‘Sunday sessions’ become a national ritual

As the saying goes, ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’, and according to new research from online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable, the saying couldn’t be more true as it pertains to so-called ‘Sunday sessions’.

OpenTable’s dining trends research shows Sunday sessions have become part of the nation’s DNA with findings revealing that four in five Australians would like to dine out mid-afternoon on a Sunday.

Half of the nation believe a mid-afternoon lunch on a Sunday is a more relaxed time to dine out, while 47 per cent said it allows you to enjoy a long leisurely meal. For 2.5 million Australians, being able to get to bed earlier and be fresh for the week ahead is a motivation factor, while 1.6 million said it enables them to avoid going to sleep with that uncomfortable full feeling.

Lisa Hasen, VP of OpenTable for APAC, said: “Sunday dining experiences have always been popular, particularly in the summer time, as it’s a great way to reconnect with friends and family and extend the weekend. It’s encouraging to see more Aussies are turning to this time of the week to enjoy dining experiences and fulfil their weekend.”

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