Small smoking solution for small restaurants and cafes

Small-smoking-solution-for-small-restaurants-and-cafesThe Helia Smoker lets you create American BBQ-style smoked meats in a small kitchen without billowing smoke.

The benefits:

European kitchens have been smoking meat for over 25 years in tiny establishments, and this technology is now making its way down under in the form of the Helia Smoker. The Helia Smoker makes in-house smoking available to just about any food and beverage venue. This machine is electric, the size of a large microwave and can be plugged into any regular power point. It acts not only as a smoker but a regular oven and slow cooker too, saving space, time and manpower.

It is highly portable, can sit under any commercial range hood or outside and can be used as a smoker, regular oven or slow cooker, even eliminating the risk of harmful carcinogens in food; something traditional smokers unfortunately carry the risk of adding.

Where to get it:

Phoeniks in Melbourne, ph: 1300 405 404, or

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