Sichuan set to seduce the Australian market

Sichuan sauce
Crispy sea bass with a Sichuan-style sauce

Sichuan cuisine is top ranking in China, with more than 18 per cent of restaurants serving Sichuan dishes. But its expansion hasn’t stopped there, with Sichuan’s reach extending far beyond the Great Walls of China.

As the first market to launch outside of China, the HAOJI brand range— China’s most popular and authentic Sichuan brand—allows Australian chefs to seamlessly introduce Sichuan expertise into their menus, or alternatively, add a Sichuan twist to modern Australian favourites.  

“We are proud to launch our quality products to Australian chefs; we hope our products will inspire them to create delicious dishes with our unique Sichuan flavours,” HAOJI executive chef Jian Lyu said.

“In China, Sichuan cuisine is the most widely loved Chinese cuisine due to its diverse range of tastes, and we are the preferred brand based on our authentic taste and quality.”

The HAOJI range consists of HAOJI Mala Sichuan Sauce, HAOJI Ginger and Chilli Sauce, HAOJI Green Pepper Chilli Sauce, HAOJI Green Pepper Oil and HAOJI Chicken Bouillon. 

“This range works as a foundation to achieve authentic Sichuan flavours, while still leaving room for chefs to create their own signature dishes that will suit their customers’ taste,” Nestlé Professional executive chef Mark Clayton said. 

“You can achieve consistent flavours every time, which is ideal for busy restaurants with often inexperienced skill sets.”

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