#RestaurantAustralia marketing push

In April, Melbourne will host the 2017 edition of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, presenting Australia’s restaurateurs with a golden opportunity to showcase themselves to the country and the world. Tourism Australia (TA) is running a campaign to bang the drum for our food and wine industries. They’re inviting you, the country’s restaurateurs, to share your best photo and video content on Instagram and Twitter. TA will amplify industry content tagged with the #RestaurantAustralia hashtag, both on its own site Australia.com and on Instagram.

TA is after any content that showcases not just the food and wine, but also gives a sense of place. One pro tip: make sure to include as much detail about your restaurant as you can in your captions.

To see examples of what other restaurateurs are doing, search for #RestaurantAustralia on Twitter and Instagram. Then add your own!

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