Raising the bar

Our national Savour™ awards season is as much about the health of the industry as it is about winners

The awards season is now well underway and we have had the opportunity to celebrate winning restaurant and catering businesses from the eastern states to the west coast.

There have been some outstanding achievements recognised. As always one of the most positive signs for the industry is the quality of entries in the New Restaurant category. Pelagic in Canberra and Glasgow Curry House in Perth are great examples. The strength of businesses like these, and the other finalists, truly shows that our industry has a great future.

One of the great strengths of the awards is that we share this success across the industry. While we recognise the individual achievement of restaurants and catering businesses, overall the awards system raises the bar of industry performance. This is an important role for the Association to play. While the individual enterprises are finding it difficult to make any operational surplus in the current environment, one of the solutions is to keep growing the market for our goods and services. The awards help by providing a focus for promoting eating out and keep consumers in touch with excellence in our industry. There are more events to go and many more winners to celebrate. Please join me in making this a celebration of our industry.

Brien Trippas
President, Restaurant & Catering


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