Queensland legislates for mandatory kilojoule labelling on restaurant menus

Qld-kilojoulesAll Queensland food retailers will now have to display their food’s nutritional information on their menus. Laws have just passed that govern the display of nutritional values in cafés, bakeries, fast-food chains and supermarkets.

The Queensland parliament is giving retailers 12 months to make the necessary alterations to their menus. Under the new laws, retailers will have to exhibit the number of kilojoules in each item as it relates to the recommended adult daily intake of 8700kj.

Queensland health minister Cameron Dick was hopeful the new legislation would help decrease the growing obesity trend that sees 65 per cent of the state’s population above a healthy weight.

“I’m also hopeful that requiring the display of this information may encourage fast-food outlets to change their menus to include truly healthy options,” Dick told The Courier Mail.

The bill was passed with bi-partisan support. Queensland’s shadow health minister Mark McArdle believes the availability of information will make it easier for consumers to control their kilojoule intake.

“We know that obesity and chronic disease is a major problem facing Queensland and, importantly, the health of sufferers and family members,” McArdle told My Sunshine Coast.

“The changes made to food labelling at these types of food and drink chains are a method of informing people of the kilojoule intake they are about to consume and it may help them to choose a healthier alternative.”

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