Proof that eggs are free-range

Farm Pride, one of Australia’s leading egg producers, can now scientifically prove the origin of its free-range eggs at any point in its supply chain, as a result of an agreement with scientific food traceability company Oritain.

Traditionally Australian egg producers have had low visibility of their supply chain, particularly those eggs sourced from third party, independent free-range producers that help producers meet fluctuations in demand.

The Oritain methodology uses scientific testing to develop an ‘origin fingerprint’ for each of the farms from which Farm Pride sources its free-range eggs. The testing measures elements that occur naturally in each farm’s environment, and which are absorbed by free-range birds living there.

Because concentrations of these elements vary depending on origin, each farm’s fingerprint is different. Regular testing at different points in the supply chain measures Farm Pride’s free-range eggs against this fingerprint to ensure their origin can be verified.

“This technology helps us enhance the reputation of our free-range egg brands because Australians are increasingly demanding greater transparency over the sourcing and ethical production of their food,” said Farm Pride CEO Bruce De Lacy.

“Both consumers and retailers are looking for independent and trusted guarantees from producers about the origin of their food. The Oritain capability adds further value to Farm Pride’s increased investment in free-range egg production.”

De Lacy added that sales of free-range eggs in Australia have grown significantly over the last five years, on average between 12-13 per cent per annum.

“Farm Pride—[the only Australian egg producer that uses Oritain technology to prove the origin of its free-range eggs]—continues to invest in new sheds, shed technology, pastures and fencing to meet this demand,” he said.

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