Promoting red meat—MLA’s Rare Medium relaunched for 2018

In the fiercely competitive industry that is the Australian foodservice sector, Meat & Livestock Australia’s dedicated foodservice program, Rare Medium, seeks to ensure that red meat such as beef and lamb remain relevant and retain their place on domestic foodservice menus.

To this end, Rare Medium has kicked off 2018 with the launch of two new digital resources for foodservice professionals—offering access to red meat knowledge from paddock-to-plate.

These new digital resources are designed to increase chef confidence and spark ingenuity, providing access to information through the supply chain focusing not just on cuts and how to cook them but also on how those cuts were derived from the carcase and how the animal was raised and treated through each stage of production.

The new Rare Medium website provides chefs with access to whole carcase education for beef, lamb, goat and veal and includes complete beef and lamb carcase breakdown videos. It also provides clear and concise supply chain information, insights into production systems, dish inspirations from leading chefs and more.

While the website functions as a hub for red meat education, the new seasonal e-magazine draws on industry innovation and culinary creativity to inspire chefs through timely, engaging and informative red meat content.

“Each issue of the e-magazine will focus on a specific protein and be co-edited with a different chef to explore seasonality from paddock-to-plate,” MLA Foodservice program manager Mary-Jane Morse said.

“We know that chefs learn from each other so leveraging the influence of successful chefs to help us tell the red meat story is a more effective way to resonate with this audience.”

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  1. Beef and Lamb? – No Pork…? Hugely popular, healthy option available in some ways hugely more cost effective for venues. I’d like to think we can include this somewhere for our chefs to use this beautiful cut of meat, from which ever part they prefer.

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