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Mobile_Reporting_PPIn the fast paced hospitality industry, it can be a juggle to manage your business and personal life. In today’s’ modern world, having immediate access to information at your fingertips can help support a flexible and versatile approach to managing both.

That’s why Vectron provides access when you need it, where you want it. Optimised for all platforms; desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, you can access live data about your business anywhere in the world. We understand you want to keep you finger on the pulse, but in a way that frees you up to manage your time efficiently.

All sales-data will be tracked directly from the POS terminal and made available in real time to your devices. As every business is different, you can create personalised dashboards to display critical information relevant to your needs throughout the day. Or, if you want prompting, you can simply set up email or SMS reports to be sent each day, at the same time and in the format you need.

Additionally, you can create your own custom audits based on any transaction information giving you complete control over daily operations. Whether it is a change in price, or detecting suspicious activity, you can now stay on top of things when they happen, as they happen.

The whole reason for employing a POS system is to automate, alleviate and translate data. At Vectron, the pursuit of translating this data into top quality information for reporting and analysis is at the heart of what we do. Unlike systems where you have to dig to find actionable data, Vectron provides deep visibility into your business so that you can make immediate decisions at the right time.

Contact Vectron systems for more on POS mobile reporting and alerts functionality.

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