Political awareness

For the benefit of its members, the Association plans to stay well-informed of the current political climate.

As president of your Association, it is important for me to read the political environment accurately so we can tactically place your priorities before government to get the best possible result.

On the government side, the resignation of Santo Santoro, from both the Ministry and the Senate, has been very significant. He has been supportive of the Association in many ways, and at one stage was leading the anti-FBT change. He also supported many of our functions, having to my recollection attended every Lifetime Achievers event. We have lost a friend in the Ministry and in the Senate.

The ALP in Queensland is fairing well, as it is around the country. As the polls indicate, they’re shaping up as a viable alternative government. The Association has had ongoing dialogue with the opposition and will continue to do so.

As a fellow Queenslander, Kevin Rudd will, I am sure, gain some additional ALP support here at home. This may not tip the balance, but it will have a positive impact in contrast to the last election where there was some anti-Latham sentiment.

There is no doubt that Mr Rudd is popular and persuasive, and with between five and eight months to the next election, there is a lot of jostling to go on yet.

Whatever happens at or prior to the election, your Association will be front and centre presenting your views and manoeuvring to get you a better deal.

Con Castrisos
President, Restaurant & Catering  Australia

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