Passing judgment

Matteo PignatelliThere has been much chatter over the past month about restaurant reviews.

We have been bombarded with commentary going back to the
Coco Roco case, and contrasting that with more recent reviews.

This is just the latest iteration of a phenomenon that our industry has been dealing with for years. The issue is that today our customers are very fickle. They will move on to a new restaurant at the drop of a hat.

The fact is not everyone is qualified to determine what is a good dining experience. This is obvious when would-be critics, drawn from the ranks of reality TV, think that they deserve a say. The judgement and evaluation of the restaurant meal is pretty poor and the naïvety of the commentary blindingly obvious.

There must be a better way—and there is! The Restaurant & Catering Award system is an independent evaluation system designed specifically to provide an objective, criteria-based evaluation of dining. It was established to challenge the very subjective professional reviews of the 1990s and is even more relevant today.

I know that the awards do not take the place of the latest know-it-all reviewer’s social media. What they do, though, is create a benchmark of performance that is reliable and objective. Recognition through the industry evaluation system, whether or not you win an award, is a worthy rebuttal to the fly-by-night reviewer.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our awards events this year.

Matteo Pignatelli

President, Restaurant & Catering

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