Noma to pop up in Sydney

NomaNothing is so seductive as that which is exclusive. That our desire for the latest handbag or car is intensified once it sells out is demonstrative of our collective appetite for an experience or product that few others have access to. In hospitality, this takes the form of pop-up restaurants and bars, offering residents and visitors of a given city a teaser of an interstate or international venue, or the unique experience of a temporary venture.

When Heston Blumenthal set up his famed Fat Duck restaurant in Melbourne for six months of this year (helping to ensure cashflow while his permanent London digs were renovated), he set in place a randomised application process that welcomed 15,000 diners of a reported 250,000—a significant level of interest despite the price
tag in excess of $500 per person.

Sydney will get its own taste of one of the world’s best this coming January when the four times world best restaurant, Noma, opens for 10 weeks at the new CBD site of Barangaroo. The Danish restaurant (last receiving the honours in 2014) is known for its assimilation of culinary cultures and the experimentation of techniques, such as fermenting and pickling. Spots at the Sydney pop-up begin at $485 [food only].

An email to the restaurant’s subscribers (a vast database no doubt, given it reportedly receives 100,000 reservation requests per month) said, “René and the team have been busy exploring Australia and working on the menu
development recently.

“Between our sommeliers and kitchen staff, our team has been on six research trips to Australia in the past ten months. In that time, they’ve visited as many regions as possible, getting a good perspective on the great and diverse produce that is available in Australia. Later on, in December, the entire creative team will move to Sydney to focus their energy on creating a menu that will showcase the best of what we’ve found on these trips.”

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