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Apprenticeships are vital for our industry, so the success of our Skills Pathway program is great news for all of us.

I have to record a big thank you to all of the Association members that have provided support to the Association’s mentoring program. The Association has achieved the 2,500 mentees by the 30th June which is a great tribute to the support that you, our members, have given to our education and training team, headed up by Greg Smith. Thanks should also goes to our RTO partners that have worked hard to support the industry to recruit and retain apprentices that are right for our businesses. In the face of a significant reduction in apprentice commencements, mentoring programs have seen far more efficient conduct of apprenticeship with commencement leading greater completions.

The program itself has already demonstrated great successes with 87 per cent of apprentices that have been mentored being retained within the apprenticeship. This is a huge increase to the traditional retention rates.

It is a pity that the new Apprenticeship Support program, which is being funded by the Commonwealth, is not recognising the importance of employer support. In the experience of our mentoring program some 60+ per cent of the issues resolved in the support program were related to the employer. In industries such as the restaurant and catering industry, apprenticeship is still a vital component of our skills system. Lets hope we can continue to successfully invest in our people.

John Hart
CEO, Restaurant & Catering

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