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pizza basesThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Letizza.

Letizza Bakery is an Australian-owned business operating from HACCP-accredited premises in Smithfield, NSW 

Letizza Pizza Bases are crafted to an authentic Italian recipe—perfect for winter! The unique flavour of Letizza comes from the special blend of premium ingredients. The flavour is baked right into the base, so minimal topping is required. Every Letizza Pizza Base is hand- stretched, giving each one a real rustic and authentic appearance. 

The bases are pre-baked so it’s easy for a chef to top and bake in 7-10 minutes. 

Letizza Pizza Bases range consists of two thicknesses: Classic and Thin, and sizing of 2” to 14”—not forgetting the best-selling slab. 

Gluten-free bases have also become a great market seller for Letizza, still comprising Letizza’s great taste without gluten. 

Letizza recently released Piadina, a thin Italian flatbread—ideal for cafes as you simply fill and grill.

Letizza has a 12-month shelf life in the freezer, is a premium product and
is quick to serve your hungry customers in busy kitchens that are often time-poor and short-staffed. 

Remember Letizza: Let’s Eat Pizza! 


Piadina Italian Flatbread—a recipe your clients will love

pizza bases

This tasty Piadina is a perfect lunchtime option.

We have twisted up the traditional Mediterranean— the prosciutto and mozzarella flavour is popped into our Piadina. A perfect lunchtime option for a cafe or takeaway. A recipe with three ingredients and tastes delicious and fresh—this sounds good to us!

1. Heat the sandwich press.

2. Cover the inside of the Piadina with a small amount of tomato paste.

3. Fill with prosciutto, spinach and bocconcini.

4. Toast in the sandwich press till browned on the outside of the Piadina.

5. Check on it after 5 mins

6. Your Piadina is ready to serve


Letizza Piadina

Tomato Pizza Paste




For more information, call us: 1800 107 520 or email sales@letizza.com.au. Visit www.letizza.com.au 

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