Inspiring children to live healthier lives for International Chefs Day

international chefs day

This year’s International Chefs Day (20 October) saw Australian school children get a taste of healthier eating when Nestlé Professional and leading chefs from the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF) teamed up.

At St Catherine of Siena School and St Joseph’s Primary School in NSW, and across other classrooms around Australia, students swapped the classroom for the kitchen in the name of healthy eating.

More than 130 children from the NSW schools got creative with healthy food and had the chance to prepare dishes, including Healthy Orange Boosted Oats and Fantastic Broccoli Noodle Cups, alongside professional chefs Julio Azzarello, Paul Rifkin and their chef teams from the ACF.

“Learning to eat well and preparing healthy food plays an important role in teaching kids from a young age,” Azzarello said.

“This is a great opportunity for kids to try new and interesting foods that they may not eat at home. It’s about establishing the foundations for healthy eating.” 

Nestlé Professional Nutritionist Karen Kingham was on hand to teach the children about healthy eating and said the theme of this year’s International Chefs Day—How Healthy Food Works—was all about inspiring kids to eat well in a way that is engaging and interactive. 

“Teaching our kids about healthy eating is an important part of their education,” Kingham said.

“Good nutrition is a crucial part of their growth and development; it gives them more energy, improved health and greater focus in school. 

“We hope [the day’s] fun and healthy cooking experience showed the students how to eat well, to understand how food affects our bodies and what is the lifelong benefit of doing this.”

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