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H&L CEO Burt Admiraal

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H&L Australia has maintained an overall approach to venues, allowing them to manage all aspects of their business including stock control, POS, workforce, bookings, and loyalty and marketing. All of our products are able to “talk” to each other, in that they are integrated or have an interface. This allows you as a venue owner to fully understand the ins and outs of your business, and determine what and how each component is contributing to your bottom line.


Our core H&L product is Sysnet, a hugely popular POS and inventory-management software, that many hospitality staff are accustomed to. We have the most comprehensive stock-management system, which handles ordering, receiving, and cost analysis. It works from the inside-out. Sysnet integrates to a range of H&L products seamlessly, with no clunks like other POS software may have as we handle the integration in house.

Bluefrog POS

Our recent acquisition of Bluefrog POS has allowed us to move into the SMR market—Small to Medium Restaurants—opening up a whole new demographic of cafes, restaurants, and bars. We are now able to cater for all sized venues, who have a variety of different needs. Bluefrog POS is a fantastic system for venues who require up to three terminals, without the need for the intense stock control that Sysnet offers.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management results from listening and responding to years of feedback from the hospitality industry. It includes tools and devices that give venues the upper hand in reducing wage costs, while simultaneously complying to the complex conditions of the Modern Award System and Fair Work Act. Workforce Management allows you to forecast your revenue and set budgets based on actual sales, and when integrated with Sysnet allows actual wages and revenue to be monitored as the week unfolds. Managing wages in a system that integrates fully to your POS and payroll software empowers you to truly manage your business.


BooKBooK is an advanced booking system that achieves what no other restaurant reservation application can. Its advanced integration with H&L is what makes it unique—all bookings, correspondence, customer history, and table management will appear on the POS. BooKBooK saves time, with no need to allocate tables or organise running sheets, while seamlessly handling deposits. You will never miss a booking due to the full integration.

Zen Global

Zen Global handles your loyalty and marketing, gift cards, and live sales reporting. It integrates with Sysnet to provide up-to-date sales and loyalty information over the cloud. Gift cards can be recharged and redeemed through the POS. It consolidates live sales data from multiple sites to one database. Email and SMS marketing tools allow you to target customers based on their dining habits, membership data, and membership type, ensuring that members get the most relevant information to them. All of which is possible due to the integration between H&L and Zen Global.


Simply put, if you don’t have hardware, then you don’t have point of sale. Our webshop houses many different state of the art hardware options, and provides easy access to purchase these components at the click of a button.

If you’re looking to improve profitability, a fully integrated POS that considers not only your current but also your future needs is imperative. For more information on H&L’s product suite or to visit our online store, visit www.hlaustralia.com.au or contact CEO Burt Admiraal at burt@hlaustralia.com.au or 0418 550 005

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