Heads Up drives workplace mental health action

workplace mental health

A great initiative to improve workplace mental health.

A purpose-made CV and cover letter from beyondblue provides Australian businesses with skills to create mentally healthy workplaces

beyondblue earlier this month launched its fourth Heads Up campaign by responding to a series of live job advertisements to give Australian businesses the tools to create mentally healthy workplaces.

With more than 12 million people spending one third of their week at work and one in five employed Australians experiencing a mental health issue, the imaginative campaign enlivens the traditional hiring process by engaging managers and professional leaders in a surprising, yet simple way.

This year’s Heads Up campaign ensures HR professionals and business owners have the information and tools needed to foster a mentally healthy work environment—provided via a CV and cover letter application, which defines the nine attributes of a healthy workplace.

“Heads Up takes an educational approach to workplace health—and this year is no different,” beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman said.

“Heads Up is for big and small businesses alike, from sole traders to multinational corporations. No matter the business size, the role of leaders is crucial to create and sustain positive mental health.

“Through Heads Up, we also have a host of online materials, backed by evidence-based information, tools and resources to help businesses manage mental health and employee wellbeing.”

Heads Up has accessible resources for employers, employees, managers and small business owners.


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