Growing breakfast market means big business for small food

breakfast market

Small, medium and independent food service businesses are being encouraged to take a bite out of the $7.7 billion out-of-home breakfast category, with new products—such as Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ new Omelette Bites—opening up the market to more players.

Almost 50 per cent of Australians regularly skip breakfast due to lack of time, creating an opportunity for innovative food service providers to leverage the market and offer convenient, tasty and nutritious breakfast options for those on the go.

“It’s crucial for food service businesses such as cafes and takeaway shops, and even service stations that are attracting commuters for their morning coffee, to rethink their offering, capitalise on the trend, and claim some of this market share,” Sunny Queen managing director John O’Hara said.

“The best way to enter the market is with the humble and nutritious egg. Australians are consuming 15 million every day, and 63 per cent of us are eating an egg for breakfast at least once a week.

“That’s why we developed the new Omelette Bites range. With a low barrier to entry, it’s our mission to help more food service businesses compete in this lucrative market.”

Launched last month, Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ new Omelette Bites are a new breakfast offering for on-the-go consumption. They have a 12-month shelf life when frozen and five-day shelf life once thawed—and are pre-packaged in single serves to accommodate the busy commuter.

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