Getting a takeaway coffee just got a whole lot greener

reusable cup scheme

Swap and go coffee cup scheme, Green Caffeen, has launched a partnership with Inner West Council and Responsible Cafes in Sydney, to make it easier for locals to enjoy a take-away coffee, without the eco-guilt.

Green Caffeen’s reusable cup scheme makes being eco-friendly a simple choice for coffee drinkers. Consumers simply need to download the Green Caffeen app and sign up, then get their reusable cup from a participating cafe. And as long as they return the cup within 30 days, it’s completely free to use.

“The Inner West already has a strong BYO cup culture,” Green Caffeen’s founder Damien Clarke said. “But everyone has those days when you forget your cup yet you still need your life-sustaining coffee to get through the day. 

“This partnership is building on the strong foundations in place and making it easy—both for customers and cafes—to reduce the waste of takeaway coffee cups.” 

Over a billion disposable cups are thrown away each year in Australia. Many of these end up in the sea, polluting the ecosystem and destroying marine life. Changing our takeaway coffee habits is one simple step that can have a big impact.

“Only eight per cent of takeaway coffee cups are recycled and around 2.7 million go to landfill in Australia each and every day,” Clarke said. 

“By making a ‘greenvenient’ way to take away, our swap and go cup system makes it hassle free to tell waste where to go. With around 25 local cafes already onboard, there really is no excuse for single use.”

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