Fighting for no more ad-hoc public holidays

penalty rates

Recently, the Queensland Parliament passed the Holidays and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019, which gives effect to the Queensland Labor Government’s proposal to establish a part-day public holiday on Christmas Eve, starting this year.

In Victoria we have also seen a new Public Holiday for the AFL Grand Final. This means restaurants, cafes and caterers are stuck paying penalty rates which often force them to close their doors.

From this year, changes in Queensland mean that on the 24th December 2019, restaurants, cafes and catering companies will need to pay public holiday rates for all relevant staff working between the hours of 6pm and midnight.

This is a real and significant impact on small businesses who for years have opened their doors and served their customers during a peak time for our industry.

R&CA have been approached by businesses across Queensland who have said to us that they will now close their doors. As an industry we need to be able to mobilise to fight new proposals for public holidays. R&CA is opposed to the gazetting of new public holidays and is fighting across Australia against each new public holiday proposal.

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