Fighting for a simpler restaurant award

restaurant award

R&CA is working to continue to push the Federal Government to conduct the first review of the restaurant award since its introduction in 2010. 

We have continued to fight for a fairer, simpler award system which makes it easier for restaurants, cafes and caterers to pay their staff the wages they deserve and ensure that they are not caught out by complex and difficult to understand provisions of the award relating to breaks, overtime, penalty rates and clock-in/clock-out rates.

R&CA believes the current award is overly complex, prone to misunderstandings and misinterpretation, and does not adequately support small businesses in the hospitality sector who do not have funds to pay lawyers and auditors every year just so they can be assured of compliance. 

We are also fighting against calls to introduce criminal penalties against business owners who mistakenly get it wrong.

If you are a restaurant, café or catering business owner in Australia you have been forced to deal with one of the most complex industrial relations systems known – the modern award system, we want to work with you to make it less complex.

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