Why every kitchen should have a charcoal oven

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Humans have been cooking food over charcoal for thousands of years. The method imparts that seductive, smoky flavour that we all love. It’s an addictive taste, and there’s evidence that our ancestors were grilling meat over charred wood as far back as 200,000 years ago.

It’s clear that we love cooking with fire. The downside has been that it required an outdoor setup. No longer. The new charcoal ovens from MIBRASA are making it possible to bring things indoors and get a great barbecue taste in a controlled, commercial kitchen environment. If that’s got your mouth watering, read on.

The MIBRASA charcoal oven

MIBRASA charcoal ovens (or closed charcoal grills) are designed and built in Spain—a hotbed of delicious barbecue, as anyone who’s ever tried Galician charred beef knows. While the primary purpose of the charcoal oven is to bring the cooking technique indoors, it also allows chefs to exert greater control of air flow and ember intensity, which makes it possible to cook food to the desired level of charring without fear of burning. Chefs can cook 50 steaks simultaneously in less than five minutes with a consistent finish on each steak, or char delicate vegetables to perfection. The MIBRASA charcoal oven is also more efficient than traditional barbecues, requiring less charcoal and providing a more consistent result.

The benefits of charcoal cooking

The biggest difference separating charcoal and chargrilling from other methods is that an entirely new flavour is imparted by the heat source. A standard oven or griddle doesn’t add flavour, but cooking with charcoal bridges the gap between grilling and hot smoking.

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