Elevate Your Burger Game this Summer

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Which bun is right for your venue?

Australians love a burger – from humble beginnings at the local fish and chip shop, burgers have long held a place in our heart. But in the past three or four years, Australians’ love of burgers has really taken off with independent and boutique burger venues popping up all over the country.

This summer expect to see a whole lot more burgers appear on menus as diners look for casual dining options and venues look to cater to a relaxed summer crowd. And the one thing the most successful venues have in common? A focus on using the best quality ingredients, while keeping the food quick-to-table.

That’s where Tip Top’s range of gourmet burger buns comes in – and more specifically their brioche style bun and brand new milk bun. Tip Top’s Milk Bun and Brioche Style Bun are pre-sliced so chefs are wasting no time cutting through hundreds of burgers a day, without any shortcuts on quality. So which bun is right for your venue? Read on to find out…

The Tip Top Milk Bun

The soft and airy Milk Bun is inspired by old Japanese baking traditions to produce a perfectly textured bun with subtle dairy notes. It is lighter, with short, white crumb and a light glaze.

The Tip Top Brioche Style Bun

The Tip Top Brioche Style bun has a softer, yellow crumb and has that sweet buttery note that everyone loves about brioche style breads. With a heavy glaze it is well suited to rich American-style burgers.

The Damper Bun

The Damper Bun is as an old Aussie tradition, and pairs well with more substantial burger offerings. Flour dusted, soft and doughy, the Damper Bun is 5 inches, catering to needs for a larger bun.

The pre-sliced buns are available frozen through distributors and can be stored in the freezer for up to four months. See the full Gourmet Burger Range at tiptop-foodservice.com.au

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