Easy-to-open cup is a winner

easy-to-open cupAustralian food producer SPC recently received top recognition in the food category at the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Organisation Awards for its SPC ProVital easy-open cup range. An Australian-first innovation, SPC ProVital was recognised by the industry for the design of its accessible food packaging solution.

Developed to address the key issue contributing to rates of poor patient nutrition within hospitals across Australia, years of research inspired SPC to commission the project—concluding with a range of easy-to-open cups.

Key packaging design features of the SPC ProVital range which contribute to improved overall user experience include a textured and lengthened pull tab for easier grip, clear instructions for opening, decagon shape for easier grip, and optimised seal to reduce force.

Collaborating with NSW Health, SPC engaged design and packaging suppliers to create an easy-to-open cup using guidelines provided by NSW Health and Arthritis Australia.

SPC Category marketing manager ProVital, Chris Deed, said his team were “particularly proud of this innovation as it represents how industry, supplier and corporate collaboration can result in increased efficiency for our customers—a growth platform for SPC as a business”.

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