Cookers Bulk Oil system: pure genius

The Cookers Bulk Oil System is a full-circle system—our trucks replace used oil with fresh oil at scheduled times directly into the stainless steel storage units we provide you free of charge. Now that’s pure genius!

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The Cookers Bulk Oil system is a fresh, innovative approach to working with cooking oil. The Cookers method is pure genius as it flows through the entire process—from the convenient, fresh delivery and storage services to Cookers’ sustainable, used oil removal system, it’s a full-circle approach.

The Cookers system means you don’t have to think about ordering fresh oil or the removal of used oil from your kitchen. Our trucks deliver the fresh oil into our free stainless steel storage unit that we provide, and pick up the spent oil on a regular schedule, saving you and your staff time. Your oil is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. The Cookers system means no more handling of oil tins, improving the safety of your staff. It also means it frees up time of staff who don’t have to order. More and more, businesses are more conscious of their impact on the environment with concerns of traceability. Cookers system eliminates the need for using oil tins that eventually end up in landfill. Just as every ingredient counts, every step counts. Pure genius.

The Cookers bulk oil system is available in all major Australian cities, metro areas and selected regional areas. To arrange delivery to your kitchen, simply call Cookers on 1300 88 22 99 to book an appointment with a dedicated business development manager.

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